Persons adopted abroad

Consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada for information about citizenship and international adoption.

Persons adopted abroad by Canadian citizens may immediately be granted citizenship provided the adoption meets certain criteria. Individuals adopted abroad and granted Canadian citizenship are entitled to Canadian passport services.

Returning to Canada with an adopted child

If you are travelling overseas and wish to apply for a Canadian passport to return to Canada with your adopted child, a passport application can be submitted at a Government of Canada office abroad as soon as the adoptee has been granted Canadian citizenship.

Note: You should submit the passport application at the Government of Canada office that processed the grant of citizenship or the Government of Canada office responsible for issuing passports to Canadian residents in the country where the adoptee resides (if different).

Adopted persons under 16 years of age

For children under 16 years of age, adoptive parents should complete:

A limited-validity passport may be issued once all passport application requirements have been met. A temporary passport may be issued if urgent travel is required. An additional processing fee (of C$70) will apply.

Adopted persons 16 years of age or over

Applicants 16 years of age or over should complete one of the following:

Upon submission of the application and verification that all the requirements have been met, an emergency travel document for immediate return to Canada may be issued.

Dual citizenship

In the case of countries that do not recognize dual citizenship, Citizenship and Immigration Canada may issue a facilitation visa in the adoptee's foreign national passport. Should the applicant choose nonetheless to apply for a Canadian passport, he or she will be asked to sign a waiver recognizing the risks of holding two passports.

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