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Is my child entitled to free replacement passport?


This service will only be available until June 30, 2014.

Children who are issued a passport in their first year of life (between birth and their first birthday) before July 1, 2013, are entitled to a one-time gratis replacement passport. This recognizes the fact that children's appearance changes rapidly at this age.

To apply for a one-time gratis replacement passport, you must submit:

  • a new application completed in full and signed by an eligible guarantor,
  • two new photographs, one of which is signed by the guarantor, taken within one month of the date the request is submitted,
  • original proof of Canadian citizenship,
  • proof of parentage, if applicable,
  • custody documents, if applicable, and
  • the valid original passport (it will not be returned).

The replacement passport is valid for a maximum of three years from the date of issue of the original passport. Please note that the original passport is not returned to the applicant. If you wish to have the original passport returned to you, you must apply for a completely new passport for the child and pay the applicable fees.

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